Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I'm always thinking about potions, potion bottles, where, what......
I found some bottle labels on Etsy that I like a lot.  As I was searching the Bedlam Supply Co. page I found a couple of bottles that she's made using her labels.  I bought the Cthulhu bottle.  The little charm appeals to the girl in me. You never know if the item is as good as your mind thinks.  These are.  I'm very excited about working with the labels I bought.  It was a good find.

Bellam Supply Co.

Had me at the little charm

PS ~ The Blood Root bottle is the real deal...original

I actually like the bottle of spikes on the left

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Small cauldron....

I love the small cast iron cauldrons.  I also love my Pumpkinrot Creatures.  I have 5.  You'll see them in little vignettes throughout my indoor Halloween insanity.

Cauldron of tiny pumpkins

Evil Pumpkinrot Creatures standing watch

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nobody does it better...

He's the reason we try.

He's the reason we try harder. 

He's inspiration.

He's talent. 

He's Pumpkinrot.    

           Thanks for  yet
         another great year.

Pumpkinrot Halloween 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sherwood Scare - 2014 Walkthrough

I don't know how many of you have seen this video from Sherwood Scare but it's pretty darn amazing for a home haunt.  Definitely worth watching.....

With or without.....

I found these amazing realistic eyeballs this year.  I tried them everywhere.  I put them in cast iron ladles, bird nests, turkey claws, bird beaks.....you got the idea.  I'm thinking I'd like to put one in a cast iron ladle and surround it with leather.  In my mind it would look like "Book" in "Hocus Pocus."

Turkey claw without?

Turkey claw with?

I do like the red of the fingers in the background.

I do love green eyes!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Idanha Hotel...

Isn't this a great spooky photo?  We had a full moon last Thursday night and I got this photo on my phone.  Gotta love old architecture.

Idanha Hotel ~ Boise

And this is what it's all about...

Halloween night.  I love the kids, the crowds, the adults, the smoke, the excitement, the candy.....I love it.  Ususally I don't get photos of the crowds.  This year I got a few.  We have 314 kids that actually made it to the door.  At least another 40+ that did not.  Maybe next year they will.

The kids

And more kids

Got an audience

A little smoky

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grim Stitch Factory

This is just awesome!!  I love the work that Grim Stitch Factory does.  Check their links at the bottom of the page.

Grim Stitch Factory Facebook

Grim Stitch Factory

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Alcohol doesn't solve anything. Neither does milk...

I've been locked out of my blog for quite a while.  Drove me nuts!  Yahoo changed how I could log-in.  I have always logged in with Google.  So, I had to remember my Yahoo account info.  Now, I have the most insane "User Name" that Yahoo assigned to me.  That gave me access to my Flickr account.  Still no access to my blog.

Next in line is Google.  I was denied access and directed to contact the domain administrator.  I believe that's actually me.  I did contact Cableone.  They seem to be the only one with a phone number for tech support.  They did give me a number for Google.  That number and all the options (press 1, 2, etc.) direct you to their website for help.  After several hours, days of frustration, and throwing my hands up; here's what I learned.  I did not have a Google account and  I did have a Google account.  I read all the forums.  I asked numerous questions.  I read complicated solutions.  I drank wine.  I cursed.

Next I try Blogger.  No access for me.  I read all the forums.  I asked numerous questions.  I read complicated solutions.  I drank more wine.  I cursed and used sign language.

I kept thinking it cannot be this hard.  I have Blogger one day and the next I don't.  It cannot be that hard.  It has got to be something simple.

Back to Google.  I search the website for anything in the form of help.  I just start clicking at anything and everything on their site.  I'm getting distracted, bored, and click on the Google Webstore.  When everything else fails....go shopping.  In the Google Webstore I find I can buy or get free apps.  One of the free apps is Blogger.com.  I check the box for Blogger.com.  Guess what?  I'm back in my blog!  I pump my arms in joy. I drank wine.  I cursed.

Here's to perseverance....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Full-size broom vs sub-compact broom....

 I started hanging the witch brooms last year.  This year I have a fascination with the witch broom mini (sub-compact) version.  I'm thinking for the long Halloween night ride a witch would choose the standard version.  Maybe for a very short trip to replenish frog legs...a sub-compact.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


This beauty is my inside witch.  She looks over my shoulder as I answer the door.  I love that her head turns at random.  I love that she creeps out the UPS guy.  I only put her away yesterday.  

I wanted to do an exercise on photo composition.  The cauldron of poisoned apples seemed like a good thing to practice composition on.  That exercise made me hungry...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Video by the neighbor...

We have a neighbor that took a video/photos of our home during Halloween.  He came over knocked on the door, handed a DVD to the Mister, said he made this for us, and turned to leave.  The Mister stopped him and chatted and told him I would be thrilled.  I am THRILLED!  There was a man on Halloween that was everywhere taking photos of everything....everything.  I am so humbled that a stranger would do this for us.

The beginning of this video is of Harrison Blvd.  It is the historic street that is THE place to be on Halloween. The homeowners on Harrison Blvd generally get 1200+ TOTs.  We had 334 and I am in love with that!  At about :24 the video is of our house in the daylight and then Halloween night.  I can't tell you how much this means to me.  It's a pretty good video and I never seem to have the time to do this.  I generally don't see the kids and people outside because I'm busy with the TOTs.  It warms my heart to think someone...someone out there appreciates what we do for one night of total Halloween fun.

I made a Pumpkin Banana Bread for my neighbor as a "Thank You".  The Mister pointed out the house and away I went.  I was effusive in my thanks and he was gracious in his praise and excitement over our haunt on Halloween.  Nice to meet a neighbor I haven't met before.

I hurry home and relate to the Mister about meeting our very kind neighbor.  Here's the kicker.  Our neighbor is NOT the man I saw taking so many photos and videos.  I'm thinking I need to bake another Pumpkin Banana Bread or maybe....lock the doors.

Thanks to my neighbor.............

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Night...

Halloween Night ~ perfect chill in the air  ~ perfect hint of cotton candy drifting in the breeze ~ screams ~ laughs
It's what we wait all year for.

I'll post a few more photos over the next few days.

2013 is over and it was.........so worth it.....

Halloween 2013 is over and it was worth all the work, all the effort, all the rush, rush, rush.  This week I would love to post some photos.  We always have company stay with us for the Halloween week.  It's such a blast.  I wouldn't have it any other way and that means that the photos come later....after the fun!  This is a chalkboard we added this year.