Thursday, September 27, 2012



So, Pinterest is a problem. It's a huge time sucker! However, a lot of great ideas, inspirations, and uneasy creepiness is available to all. I found on Pinterest a great spiderweb chair. It was exactly what I was looking for to set a gourd doll on. I've had her since the early 1990's. I asked the Mister if he could, would or should duplicate. He did fabulous!

I like the light on the gourds...

Hanging with friends...

Working on the living room's a work in progress as you all know.  These skeletons are just hanging with the FCG until closer to Halloween.  They will "hang" outside during Halloween.

Later tonight...the orange lighting that I love...oh, baby!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It is time to start putting Halloween up, out, around and about the house. We've got things to do and places to be before Halloween this year. So, we have got to get busy and get Halloween rolling...

I am starting here...the black cat mantle...
Family Room Mantle

Old Minnow Bucket...

Black Cats


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Black Licorice...

The FDA believes that black licorice is bad for you.  Really?  They advise that eating more than 2 ounces a day for 2 weeks could mean a hospital visit for some.  Really?
Oh pshaw!  And, that's because I don't know how to spell a wet, slobbery raspberry!
I've been known to binge on black licorice.  Also love Black Jack chewing gum.  Also love Sambucca shots.  I realize some folks don't care for the taste but fortunately for me I learned to appreciate the flavor from my grandmother Merckle.  I've read that people are born with the taste for black licorice or not.  I'm one of the blessed that way.
Here's to living on the edge!!
For anyone interested in reading the article a link is below.

Black Licorice Bad For You?

Planting Experiment...

Ok, so I've been away from home too much this year and last year....blah, blah, blah. 

This spring I thought I'd try an experimental planting.  I broke apart two bucky skulls...not that easy!  I added them to a couple of pots, added some steppable (this is the correct spelling) plants, and I took a few photos.  The next part was easy....I 've been gone, remember?

These photos were taken in May 2012

These were taken August 2012
Ooops ~ Almost devoured

Thankfully white shows up!

This what I learned:  Add a few fingers, hands, feet, something with some height
                                  Place the body parts (skull bits) higher than I think they need to be
                                  Not so many plants in one pot ~ they do grow