Thursday, March 20, 2014

Alcohol doesn't solve anything. Neither does milk...

I've been locked out of my blog for quite a while.  Drove me nuts!  Yahoo changed how I could log-in.  I have always logged in with Google.  So, I had to remember my Yahoo account info.  Now, I have the most insane "User Name" that Yahoo assigned to me.  That gave me access to my Flickr account.  Still no access to my blog.

Next in line is Google.  I was denied access and directed to contact the domain administrator.  I believe that's actually me.  I did contact Cableone.  They seem to be the only one with a phone number for tech support.  They did give me a number for Google.  That number and all the options (press 1, 2, etc.) direct you to their website for help.  After several hours, days of frustration, and throwing my hands up; here's what I learned.  I did not have a Google account and  I did have a Google account.  I read all the forums.  I asked numerous questions.  I read complicated solutions.  I drank wine.  I cursed.

Next I try Blogger.  No access for me.  I read all the forums.  I asked numerous questions.  I read complicated solutions.  I drank more wine.  I cursed and used sign language.

I kept thinking it cannot be this hard.  I have Blogger one day and the next I don't.  It cannot be that hard.  It has got to be something simple.

Back to Google.  I search the website for anything in the form of help.  I just start clicking at anything and everything on their site.  I'm getting distracted, bored, and click on the Google Webstore.  When everything else fails....go shopping.  In the Google Webstore I find I can buy or get free apps.  One of the free apps is  I check the box for  Guess what?  I'm back in my blog!  I pump my arms in joy. I drank wine.  I cursed.

Here's to perseverance....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Full-size broom vs sub-compact broom....

 I started hanging the witch brooms last year.  This year I have a fascination with the witch broom mini (sub-compact) version.  I'm thinking for the long Halloween night ride a witch would choose the standard version.  Maybe for a very short trip to replenish frog legs...a sub-compact.