Tuesday, November 11, 2014

With or without.....

I found these amazing realistic eyeballs this year.  I tried them everywhere.  I put them in cast iron ladles, bird nests, turkey claws, bird beaks.....you got the idea.  I'm thinking I'd like to put one in a cast iron ladle and surround it with leather.  In my mind it would look like "Book" in "Hocus Pocus."

Turkey claw without?

Turkey claw with?

I do like the red of the fingers in the background.

I do love green eyes!!


  1. Where did you find such awesome eyeballs? They are really cool! Also, what else have you used in the bottles? They look scary and real! Great job!

    1. Karen, the eyes are doll eyes that have been painted. I found them on Ebay. The seller is deadheadprops. My plan is to try my hand at painting my own this year. I have some other ideas for them. As for other things in the jars: fake fingers, toes, ears, teeth, feathers from walks that I've taken.....juniper berries, bark ...anything that catches my eye...