Monday, September 12, 2016

Last year...

Last year photos.  This year won't look much different.  These two sentinels on either side of the front door give me that..."ahhhh" feeling.  I like them.  I like that they are at least 9 foot tall.  I like the dead sagebrush arms lifted high above their heads.  I like the flicker lighting in the pumpkin heads.  I like that they look either out to the street or down at the doormat.  And, yes, I did get on my knees and look up to get the angle of the head perfect for knee high tall TOTs.  I just like them....ahhhhhh...



  1. always love your front porch set-up--so classy!

  2. Thanks Pam. Not sure the TOTs on Halloween consider it classy just scary....part of the fun.

  3. oh well, too bad for those little tots...can't wait to see your set-up. After nearly four years abstinence, I am finally going to set up the ol' graveyard (if nothing else) with a few changes. Feels so good to get back into my most beloved holiday. Wish me luck as I am a bit rusty...

    1. Welcome back to the world of spook. I have a hunch your set-up will settle back on like a comfortable old sweater. All the excitement, the creative rush, and the last minute "oh no's" that always come. Good luck and have some fun!!