Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ooooooh, spooky!

I love a good double take, a shift in your reality, a small unexpected shift.  For example:  when you look at a sign and read something with a different meaning.  Or, think you see one thing but it's something totally different. 

My older brother sent me a package once with a fur mouse toy for Orangecat added to the top of the packing as an afterthought.  Very thoughtful, very benign, until I opened the package.  I saw a "live mouse" and so did Orangecat.  He pounced, I ran.  So did my heartbeat.  My brother could not have planned a better gift to my day. Or Orangecat's day.
Last year I arranged fake spiders on my apothecary book shelves.  They hang on the books, pumpkins, whatever I can get them to sorta stick to.  When we go in and out of the garage door, it bangs and things on that wall shift.  The fake spiders sometimes end up in places I don't expect.  It's a nice little shift in my reality to do a double take and think "oooooh, spooky."  The spiders have not moved since October 1 until this morning.  One ended up several feet away in the living room.  Ooooooh, spooky!

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