Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The party's over...

A good solid 9 inches of snow...Halloween is going dormant for awhile.  When I think of this time of year and things that are growing, simmering, moulding, out of sight (not out of mind), I think of peppermint.  Anyone who has grown peppermint or any mint for that matter in their garden will understand this.  Peppermint even in the winter keeps right on creeping underneath the ground.  It sends out shoots, runners to new spots.  In the spring peppermint pops up in the most unusual places.  Halloween is like that in my mind....just keeps creeping around in different directions.  You never know where.....


  1. That's a wonderful analogy. We got hit by about 7 inches near downtown. Are those sugar pie pumpkins?

  2. GoneferalinID, They are "French Red Pumpkins" and are about 16 to 18 inches wide. I love the color and the squashed down look.

  3. Those are amazing pictures!!!