Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I do a little tribute in our Halloween display of Pennywise the clown.  We have a water meter cover in the corner of our front yard....and made sense at the time.  So, I've been re-reading "It" by Stephen King.  It's been at least 25 years since I read "It" the first time.  Wow, did I forget a lot, but it's actually a lot of pages worth of reading to forget.  Sorry, Mr. King, but after 25 years it's really hard to remember thousands of pages in detail.

Now, here's the interesting part to me anyway.  After all these years, after being in Maine, in Bangor, in the older Victorian neighborhood in Bangor...I'm getting more out of this book than I did the first time around.  I get a better visual in my mind.  Yeah, I know Derry is the fictional town but I certainly "see" Bangor and Brewer in my mind.  It's given me some ideas to improve or update or correct, if you will, our Halloween display.  Such as the balloons need to be red, yellow, blue, and green.  Although I really like the eyeball balloons we had for a couple of years.  The creepy children at play music we added this year was spot on!  I may need to make a paper boat to tuck under the clown hand...hmmm...what to do, what to do. 

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  1. gotta love anything with clowns it, especially at Halloween time! I am hoping to incorporate clowns next year, big scary clowns...