Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking a breath...

After a great Halloween I'm taking a huge breath with my feet up and collecting my thoughts.  It's time for what the Lovely Lil (my daughter-in-law, aka Witch #3) calls my performance notes.  I like to make a list of notes, thoughts, suggestions, reminders, ideas for the coming year.  And, for all that performance note taking, list making, reminders...I still forget something or do not get around to getting something finished!  And, yes, I do start the countdown starting on November 1!  WTH!

The first thing on my list is to make notes on where everything was plugged in.  We start each years set-up trying to remember what we did the year before.  The first thing on my list this year was to do a trial run through of fog machines, fog juices, fog scents, etc. to avoid the fog issues of the year before.  Well, we did that........wish I could tell you that was a truly clever idea.  So, I'm putting something else first this year...maybe more wine!

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