Monday, November 8, 2010

A couple of firsts...

Every year we have a "first" or a couple of "firsts".  Everyone has a moment of, "Man, first time that's happened."  We had a couple of firsts this year too! 

The first "first" was a fellow Halloween enthusiast that came to the door on Halloween night to ask if he could come in to see how the flying crank ghost works.  I invited him in and a friend talked with him while I handed out treats.  Nice man, very interested.  What he was most curious about was how we got the skeleton's jaw to move.  It actually looks like he's talking as he moves his head back and forth.  Uhhh, that was a happy accident.  I wanted to revamp my ghost with a new bucky head but it was too heavy for the motor.  So, we made do with the old styrofoam head and just cut his jaw apart and used plastic ties to "wire" it back together.  My thought was...his jaw will hang open and I'm perfectly happy with that.  The happy accident part is when we turned on the power...his loose jaw bumps up against the wire hanger shoulder part.  Wa-la!  A talking skeleton ghost!!  Yeah us!!

The second "first" was a teen that came knocking on our door the night before Halloween with an URGENT request to use the bathroom.  There was some pleading, some nervous footsteps.  Uhhh, ok, come on in.  He asked if we had a "no shoes rule".  No, we don't.  Yes, I know we should be careful about teens, strangers, etc using your bathroom.  But, hey, how desperate he must have been to knock on OUR door, use our bathroom (now a bat cave), and he did turn on the fan!

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