Sunday, November 27, 2011


So, I haven't been too fascinated with bird cages in the past.  I couldn't quite get why people seemed to go nuts and snap 'em up when they found them.  And, when I get that way it always comes back to haunt me.  This summer I saw the most amazing bird cage at a local gift shop.  It was HUGE!  It was about 6 feet tall, maybe 2 feet in diameter, painted green and stood on a stand.  My mind saw skeletons, crows, bats, ghosts, have those moments of clarity.  The mother of all bird cages was completely out of my price range so I began a search for something that would work for me.  Originally I thought round but this one spoke to me and said....bats.  I thought a lot about how to make bat guano on the bottom of this cage.  I settled for skull, moss, and wood bits.  I love my bat cage.............


  1. beautiful set-up--did you make the bats?

  2. Pam: Nope ~ Ebay a few years ago. I would like to try a few this next year. I'd like some actually hanging from the top.