Saturday, November 19, 2011

Headless Red...

This summer we took our English Auntie and friends to Walla Walla, WA for a long week-end, wine tasting, and general look-see.  After seeing an add for Headless Red wine...well, what can I say?   I was on a mission.  So worth the visit!  I love the label, the wines, the winery, the people, the horse, ah-h-h-h.  The other wine with a Halloween label is the Four Horsemen.  A beautiful label with (duh) 4 charging horses done in black and orange.

The tasting room has a huge coffin for display and wine storage and a tiny coffin with one bottle of Headless Red.  So, yes, we stole their idea.  The Mr. and grandsons built a dozen of the tiny coffins this summer.  We went back to Walla Walla October 1 for the new release of Headless Red (great party), met the Headless Horseman (Jennifer) and came home with the spirits for the coffins.  Success!

Check out their web-site.  It has a link to a video they made for the Headless Red wine.  It's worth a look!

Ash Hollow Winery

Headless Horseman and Anya (The Horse)


  1. Very cool! I want to buy a bottle!

  2. want the wine bottles! and hooray for the headless horseman (lady) and beautiful horse!